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Stop Excessive Sweating

Many people, especially women, wonder how they can stop sweating at night while they are sleeping. It is truly annoying (not to mention uncomfortable) when you wake up drenched in sweat. Not only are you soaking wet, the bedclothes may be as well. You then get chilled, and it seems to be an endless cycle. What can you do?

Many women have had a horrible experience with night sweats, myself included. It is almost like an internal furnace that wells up gradually, until you find that your face, chest and others areas are sweating profusely. Not only is it irritating, it interrupts your sleep and you get very little rest. It truly can disrupt your life. So, how can you stop night sweating while you are sleeping? Here are some helpful tips:

1. If you drink a good amount of caffeine, try cutting back.

2. Sleep in a cool room. Keeping your thermostat around 65 degrees can help, and you may even want to consider placing a fan beside your bed.

3. Practice meditation, deep breathing or some other relaxation technique. If you are a high stress person, this can make your night sweats worse.

As women approach menopause, this can become a real problem. Even women in their early forties who are in perimenopause often experience this. Sleep quality is poor, you are tired and after a while it can make you very irritable. Hormone changes cause these temperature fluctuations, and you often find yourself breaking out in a sweat without one seconds notice.

You may want to try wicking sleepwear and herbal treatments as well as the tips above, as these make a miraculous difference in the lives of many women. There are other effective solutions as well! Are you ready to start sleeping comfortably again, without waking up in a pool of sweat?

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