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Do you feel that you sweat too much?  I did too, not long ago.  If you perspire so heavily that your face or neck becomes damp, or your clothes end up wet and stained, it is a real problem.  There are several causes of excessive sweating, which we will cover in this article.  What you want to know is how to stop it!  We will touch on that as well.

Profuse sweating may be caused by a number of things, although most are not serious.  The fact is, a huge amount of the population suffers from hyperhidrosis, which is simply a glitch in the sympathetic nervous system that causes your sweat glands to overreact.  This is a harmless condition, but it is what makes many people have sweaty palms, feet, chests, and underarms.  Your face or head may sweat excessively as well.

Here are some causes of excessive sweating:

1.  Anxiety.  Many people suffer from anxiety disorders and panic attacks.  When you get unusually nervous, you often break out in a sweat.  Those with real anxiety may perspire most of the time.

2.  Overweight.  While there are many thin people that perspire heavily, the problem becomes even worse if you are carrying around a few more pounds than you should be.

3.  Medical conditions.  People with thyroid problems, diabetes, cancer and other problems may sweat more than normal.  Medications can cause this unpleasant side effect as well.

If you sweat too much and it is not due to one of the above, most likely you simply have overactive sweat glands.  There are some simple and natural solutions you may want to try.

Dab some vinegar under your arms before going to sleep at night.  It helps balance the pH of your skin, and may reduce the perspiration.

Try an antiperspirant that contains aluminum chloride, or ask your doctor about a prescription antiperspirant.

Avoid stimulants like caffeine and chocolate as much as possible, and try to eliminate spicy foods from your diet.

I know from experience that when you sweat too much, it affects your life.  You may be embarrassed because of the sweat stains under your arms, or the droplets than run down your face and neck.  You wonder if you have body odor.  Eventually, you would just rather stay home and avoid situations altogether.

Talk to your doctor about the causes of excessive sweating to make sure you do not have a medical problem.  When you learn that what you have is simply hyperhidrosis, follow the program that I used.  Completely natural, and developed by an ex-hyperhidrosis sufferer.  It worked for me, it will work for you - in two weeks or less!

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