Stop Excessive Sweating

Excessive Facial Sweating

Does your face sweat more than normal?  This can be an embarrassing and exasperating problem.  You are shopping, at work, even at a party, and suddenly your face breaks out in an intense sweat.  Is there anything that can be done?  Excessive facial sweating is a common problem, one part of a condition known as hyperhidrosis.  While this is a medical term, it is not a serious condition.  It is simply an over reaction of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes sweat glands to work overtime.  Excessive facial sweating can be cured, and there are many ways you can go about this.

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You may believe that only overweight or obese people have problems with too much facial sweat.  While many do, this is a common misconception.  It can happen to anyone - men, women, and teens.  What is true is that many face social embarrassment and are paranoid about the condition, which adversely affects their lives.  Women, in particular, have problems wearing make up because it may leave streaks where profuse sweat has run down the face.  Excessive scalp and neck sweating is also a symptom that many have, in addition to a sweaty face.  While it is annoying and may prevent you from enjoying life to some degree, there are some things you can try. 

Stop Excessive Facial Sweating

If you do suffer from facial sweating, or hyperhidrosis, only mildly, there are some effective measures you can take:

Try a product such as Drysol or Maxim, which are antiperspirant type products made for this condition.  They contain aluminum chloride and ethyl alcohol, and should be left on the skin for several hours in order to be effective.  Botox injections are also a solution, and have been used for treatment of excessive underarm sweating for quite some time.  The drawbacks:  Costly and painful.  You might also want to make a few changes in your diet.  Cut back on stimulants like caffeine and cholociate, and limit your intake of spicy foods.

Thankfully, there are many easy and natural ways you can stop excessive facial sweating without spending a bunch of money.  The best resource available, Stop Sweating and Start Living, was written by a hyperhidrosis sufferer who discovered some easy solutions that work, and have shown amazing results in over 95% who have tried them.

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