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Head Sweating - How to Stop Excessive Head Sweating

Millions of people suffer due to head sweating.  Unfortunately, many who experience excessive head sweating never attempt to do anything to stop it, or in fact just don't know what to do.  Like most other areas of the body that tend to sweat profusely in those that have a problem, it is most likely Hyperhidrosis.  While this is not serious, it affects millions of people not only physically, but mentally.  When you sweat so much that you feel you need to wear layers of clothes or constantly fear body odor, it affects your life.  Head sweating is caused due to the sweat glands becoming overactive, which is common in people with a more active nervous system.  There are other areas of the body that are also affected for some individuals:  the underarms, palms of the hand, face, back and even feet may sweat excessively.  Can anything be done to stop excessive head sweating?

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Natural Treatment

There are many things you can do to attempt to solve your head sweating problem.  Some methods work for some individuals, while other solutions may provide relief for others.  Try some of the tips below to see if they have any effect, or help decrease your excessive head sweating:
  • Cut down on spicy foods that contain garlic, cayenne pepper, onions, ginger and other spices that put your sweat glands into overdrive
  • Tobacco, coffee and other stimulants can make the problem worse, so try to stop altogether or cut back as much as possible
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or yoga to calm your nerves and reduce stress
  • Exercise more - as strange as it may sound, doing physical exercise that makes you sweat helps reduce sweat during normal times when you are not doing anything that is physically exerting
Sweating is a natural function of the body that is essential.  It keeps your body temperature regulated, and helps flush toxins from your system.  However, when it becomes something that is out of the ordinary for most people, it can be a very embarrassing problem.  Excessive head sweating may cause you to perform poorly at your job and avoid coworkers.  Head sweating often involves the neck and face as well, and may actually get to the point where you hardly leave the house other than when it is absolutely necessary.  For natural relief from head sweating using nothing but natural products you already have in your home, we recommend Start Sweating & Start Living - this has ended the sweat problem once and for all for over 90% of those who have tried it!

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