Stop Excessive Sweating

Stop Underarm Sweating

Stop Underarm Sweating
Do your underarms perspire heavily?  You can stop excessive underarm sweating if your condition is hyperhidrosis, a common condition that is shared by approximately 3% of the population.  If your perspiring is due to a medical condition, that should be evaluated by your doctor before you try to remedy the problem on your own.  Thousands of people are looking for solutions to stop underarm sweating, and are desperate to get rid of a problem that can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable.

If you suffer from excessive underarm sweat, most likely you have tried many different things.  You may have switched antiperspirants, or even tried a prescription variety, with little to no success.  Many people try baking soda, cornstarch and other things to reduce the sweat and cover the odor, which is another unpleasant side effect.  Procedures such as injecting botox into the armpit works for some people, but not everyone - and it is expensive.  What can you do to stop underarm sweating? 

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There are several things you can do yourself that may help.  Caffeine and other stimulants often cause you to sweat worse, so you may want to reduce your intake of coffee, tea and other caffeine containing beverages.  Spicy foods increase the problem as well.  If you are often stressed or anxious, this only adds to the excessive underarm sweating problem.  In fact, many people who suffer from anxiety or panic disorders find that heavy armpit sweating is one of the symptoms they experience.  Hyperhidrosis, the medical name for common excessive sweating, occurs in many people and is said to be caused by an unsettled nervous system.  People who suffer understand that there really isn't a reason, they just want to stop their excessive underarm sweating.  It can happen at any moment, when you least expect it.  Even in cool temperatures, their armpits may begin to sweat profusely.

There are medications that may help stop underarm sweating, such as Robinul.  This medication helps to prevent the stimulation of sweat glands, but has not been studied sufficiently to determine if it is highly effective.  Also, these medications have many side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth and problems with urination.  If you are sick and tired of being embarrassed and wondering whether you have body odor, you can stop underarm sweating with a completely natural method that will get rid of this problem in just two weeks or less.  A former Hyperhidrosis sufferer has found the solution to excessive sweat, and shares the simple formula with others in his ebook, Stop Sweating and Start Living!  If you have tried everything to stop excessive underarm sweat to no avail, this read is a MUST.
  Learning how to stop underarm sweating will change every aspect of your life, and drastically improve your self-esteem.

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