Stop Excessive Sweating

Stop Excessive Armpit Sweating With All Natural Remedies

Sweating is a necessary function of the body.  However, excessive armpit sweating is sometimes not normal.  It can be stopped using totally natural methods.  A little sweat under your arms is probably normal; when it soaks your clothes and gets to the point that you will not raise your arm, it is time to do something.  The embarrassment  you feel, not to mention the uncomfortable feeling, has to stop.

It really is necessary to perspire to some extent, in order to rid the body of toxins.  This is also the way that your body regulates temperature.  When your armpits sweat excessively, it may be due to a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is very common and affects about 3% of the population.  Your sweat glands are simply overactive, and certain things make the problem worse.

Stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine often aggravate the problem, as do spicy foods.  You might try changing your diet around a bit to see if that helps.  Some people also swear by sage tea - drink a cup or two per day and see if your sweating problem improves.  Change antiperspirants, or even ask your doctor about a prescription deodorant.

Secondary excessive armpit sweating disorders are usually caused by an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, an overactive thyroid, etc., so you want to be sure to ask your doctor about these possibilities.  Most likely, you simply have overactive sweat glands.  While it sounds like a simple problem, it certainly affects you in negative ways.  Your self esteem drops, you shy away from other people, fear raising your arm, and wonder if you have odor.

I know how this affects your life, as I had the same problem - only I perspired excessively on my face, chest and head as well.  It would come on at any moment, totally out of the blue.  It really affects your life; I know it did mine.  Are you ready to stop excessive armpit sweating once and for all?  Learn more at the links below - your life can be transformed in as little as two weeks!

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